fake IT Support scam

there are lots of ways you can be conned on the internet, there is a new way, by fake IT support ringing you up claiming to be Microsoft or other computer company and claiming something is wrong with your computer, when there is nothing wrong with your computer it is working as it should, watch the video below to find out how this scam works.

Do not be taken in by this spam no computer company whether it be your ISP or Microsoft know what is going on, on your computer unless you tell them.

This is real and is happening these people keep phoning me up and as a computer expert I tell them to get lost and hang up and that is what you should say and do to them.

The people that phone me have a Indian voice and start by say there is something wrong with your windows computer, i don’t get conned by it because i know computers, you can stop been conned to by knowing your computer, do some research and get educated, this scam only works because people don’t know how a computer works.

check out these links for more cons and scams you should not get done by them

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