Doctor Watson?

Should I Say Watson supercomputer? or Should I say Doctor Watson now, not to be confused with a character in Sherlock Holmes, recently a computer did what doctors failed to do, a computer identified Unknown illness a Japanese women had, this illness was a rare type of leukemia, the Japanese Doctors were Stumped, until Watson […]

startrek tricorder

what if doctors in the future can use star trek like tricorder or other technology to help them diagnose illnesses, this sort of technology is not far away, that can talk to smart phones, a number if different sciencetists are working are working on a number of such systems check out the videos below these […]

smart doorbell

Got a Raspberry PI, you don’t know what to do with, always missing the doorbell and visitors because you can not hear it or want to build a smart home, why don’t you build a smart doorbell, DIYer Daniel Garden did using a pebbly watch and a Raspberry PI, the video below shows it in […]

smart case of the future

have you ever been travelling somewhere by plane or another mode of transport and you lost your case or someone else lost your case, making you say what Homer Simpson is always saying “D’oh” and costing you money buying new clothes for your holiday, what a pain. with this case that will be a thing […]

self drive car

Here is the one million dollar question self driving cars what do you think about the idea? would you have a car that drives itself, if you could? do you want your own KITT from knight raider? scared about the idea of cars driving them shelves? what ever you think of the idea they are […]

pi-top laptop

Have you always wanted to build your own laptop, now here is your chance check out the video below the laptop is powered from a raspberry pi b+, the latest raspberry pi on the market, the laptop comes in kit form with all the parts needs to build your own laptop. the makers say “No […]